Never spend more on textbooks again.

The SwapKitabu app allows you to save money by helping you find all the books that your child needs at a fraction of the cost.


Find textbooks easily and conveniently.

Right from your phone, from where you are.

Our app will connect you to great discounts from fellow parents selling the textbooks that you are looking for, or enable you to quickly sell off the textbooks your child no longer needs. Meaning your child will now perform even better in school because you can now afford to get him/her all the textbooks, story books, dictionaries, study books, and revision books that are required. And still have some money left..

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Features that will make you smile...

The mobile app comes with lots of features that makes buying or selling your textbooks that much easier.

Search and search filters

Using our intelligent search feature, it takes you no time to find the book you are looking for, or a buyer for your books.

Chat messaging

Instantly chat with the parents that you want to sell to or buy from. You can even share photos of the book to convince your buyer that your book is available in good condition.


Easily review your existing orders; including past orders for books that you have either purchased from or sold to fellow parents.

Interact with other parents

The built-in Group Chat feature lets you talk to other parents in the same school that your child attends so you can stay in the know. Instantly chat about anything and everything; what you feel is great about the school, what can be improved, or even plan a parent get together or a book market weekend at the school.

Get to know us...

  • How much should I sell/buy a book?

    We leave it to you to negotiate with the buyer/seller. However, our advice to sellers is this: keep your pricing simple, preferably not more than one-third of the price of a new copy. At SwapKitabu, we believe second-hand books should be fast-moving items.

  • Where should sellers/buyers meet for an exchange?

    At the school. It is a safe and familiar place for both parties. Examine the book(s) to make sure it is in satisfactory condition. Then make the exchange.
    Don’t forget to mark the book(s) as ‘bought’ or ‘sold’ in the ‘My History’ section of the app thereafter, so other parents do not contact you about the same book(s).

  • What about my privacy?

    Your mobile number is not visible to other users of Swapkitabu. It is up to you to choose when to share your mobile number with the buyer or seller.

  • What if I just want to donate a book to a fellow parent in need? Can I do so through the app?

    Yes. Just list the book the same way you would if you wanted to sell it. Then surprise the first parent who contacts you for it and can convince you that they are genuinely in need! Cool, eh?

  • I am looking for donated books, how do I go about it?

    Let the members of your school chat group know that you are in the market-place for donated books. To interest more people, we advise that you too offer to donate books of your own

  • Can I join more than one school group chat?

    Yes you can. However, you will only be able to list your books in your Main school group, and also see listings from members of this one group. This would be the group where your kids attend school.

  • I want to be the admin of my school’s chat group?

    Kindly contact us, and we will advise you how this is possible.

  • How can my school access donated books from well-wishers?

    If you are the owner of the school, consider using the Group Chat feature to send out an appeal to your parents to drop specific books to your office. Furthermore you may want to sign up to become the ADMIN of your school chat group whereby (among other benefits), you’ll get to know when well-wisher, donor, book author, or a publisher has books to donate because we will connect you with them. We will also let you know when books relevant to your school are donated to our holding store.

  • I would like to organise a book fair/sale market day at my school/community. Any tips?

    Yes. Liaise with your school admin and if they are agreeable to your idea, invite your chat group to participate. Don’t forget to ask members to invite their friends, family, and neighbours, and to ask them to bring along more books to sell. You could offer tea as a refreshment.
    If a school venue is not available for your book fair, you may want to consider holding your book sale at any available venue such as a church hall, community hall, etc. Contact us if you would like to invite parents from other schools to your book market day.

  • I want to uninstall the app and install it again. Will I lose my chat history?

    Yes, you will. At SwapKitabu, we value your privacy. We do not keep a record of your personal chats. However, in later versions of the app, we will provide you with a local backup feature so you can store your chat conversations within your mobile device.
    At the moment, your personal history on books you’ve sold or bought is recoverable once you re-install the app to the same phone number, as this activity information is retrievable from the Swapkitabu account associated with your phone number.

  • I have listed the wrong book. Can I undo the listing?

    No, you cannot undo or edit a listing once you have submitted it. However, to stop buyers/sellers from inquiring about the book, you can disable its listing by going to your My History page and marking the listing as ‘bought’ or ‘sold’. The book will then no longer appear in the main listing. Same case applies if you change your mind about a book you listed. Simply go to ‘My History’ and mark it as ‘sold’ or ‘bought’.

  • I could not find the book I wanted to post or request in the list of books available in the app. What should I do?

    Post the details of the book directly to the parents in your Schools Chat Group in Swapkitabu clearly stating the following:

    • Title of the Book
    • Class(es) in which the Book is used
    • Subject in which it is used
    • The Publisher of the book

    You may include the price of the book if you are the seller, or how much you are willing to pay for it from anyone who has it.

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